Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lady Blue

I call this Lady Blue. This is acrylic on illustration board. This wasn't a planned painting. I just wanted to paint and so I started with a transparent pyrrole orange and she just emerged. It's going in for framing next week. 30"x40"
Owned in a private collection


I call this painting "oxidization." This is acrylic on illustration board. The inspiration for this comes from the old farm machinery and how the rust shows through the old paint. 30"x40"  
This is mixed media on wood. The inspiration for this painting comes from seeing the sunset through the trees to the ocean from Naikoon Park on Haida Gwaii. It is not finished in this photo.

mixed media on canvas

This is an untitled canvas, mixed media, it's about 3' long. Is owned in a private collection.
30"x50". Inspired by the old paint on really old farm machinery. Mixed media on canvas. I used pumice and extra course pumice for the texture.
Acrylic on illustration board, 8"x10". I did this very quickly and it was inspired by a fall walk when the snow was just starting to show in the old grass. I took this photo when the painting was still wet, hence the shiny part.
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