Saturday, November 28, 2009

fall, litterfall.
QCI, where the river runs into the ocean.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The November frost moon. This is close to the full view of the painting but not quite, it's longer than shown. Owned in a private collection.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Intense and moody. Owned in a private collection.
November frost moon, this piece is 2'x4' and only a portion of it is shown in this photo. The dark areas are painted with mica paint and have a sparkle.
A close up of the frost moon in November.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The latest...

This is the finished painting for diary of a painting and it is now in a studio for sale in Red Deer Alberta.

If you look at this painting and see that if the structure that the orb sits upon tilts, the orb will roll off but actually if you look at the center of the orb, it is sitting more to the left and is actually moving that way and wearing down the corners of the blue base. There are lines suggesting this painted further toward the bottom of the painting. My orbs represent balance, the balance of life, the ying and yang of life.

This orb is also balanced and the whole painting is very textured. I used many washes the produce the background, alternating one blue wash, one brown wash and so forth until I built up the color on the background exactly how I wanted it. I let each wash dry before the next was applied and in some areas the wash was applied with more pigment. It is a very organic piece and there is a hidden symbol in the painting that most people do not see until it is pointed out. So far there has only been one person that actually saw the symbol on their own with out even knowing it was there. It is at the top area of the painting. The image can be double clicked to view it larger.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

15'' x 11'' unframed.

7 1/2'' x 5'' unframed.      
owned in a private collection
11'' x 7 1/2'' , unframed.
17 1/2'' x 12'' , unframed.
15'' x 11'' , unframed.
15'' x 11'' on very heavy paper. The grayish areas are strokes of mica and has it's own sparkle.
15'' x 11'' , unframed.
Soft gel and acrylic, 15'' x11'' , unframed.
15'' x 11', unframed.
Soft gel and acrylic on paper. 15'' x 11'', unframed.
17 1/2'' x 6'', unframed.
18 1/2'' x 11 1/2'', unframed. Soft gel and acrylic. The paint has a crackle effect which is not easily seen on the computer.
Another tunnel. 15'' x 11'', unframed.
Soft gel and acrylic on paper. 15'' x 11'', unframed.
This is a hand made paper with a lot of tooth. I like the way the paint sits on it. 14''x10'' unframed.
The purple in this piece is purple granite sand from Amisk Lake Saskatchewan.It is 13''x11'', unframed.
18''x 10'' unframed.
Cosmic Gas. Unframed, 15''x11''.
a dew drop type of flower. 15''x9 1/2''. Unframed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The lighting was poor when I took this photo but this piece is very textured and is 4'x8'. It comes alive in an adequately lit space or with the sun shine on it.
Tiny Tim's resting on the acrylic painting that I did for Lorene.
Tiny Tim's resting on the painting I did for Lorene.
Tiny Tim's from my garden placed on top of the painting I did for Lorene.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

North Beach, Queen Charlotte Islands. Tide out, people crabbing with nets and hip wadders and a pail. July 2009
This is a view of the base of Tow Hill on the north coast of Queen Charlotte Islands, while the tide is out. You can see some gear belonging to a hip wadding crabber. 2009 july

Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo # 11 Another close up of the corner next to the Naphthol Red. Soon this painting is going to get very intense and rich and deep.
Photo # 10 This is a close up of what the corners now resemble once I stained it with the Prussian Blue.
Photo # 9 I changed the gesso to Cobalt Blue and stained the corners with Prussian Blue Hue. I also blocked in more red.
Photo# 8 I applied gesso over some of the yellow...(too much yellow) and tried a stain using Van Dyke Red on top of some of the yellow which tints the yellow to a Quinacridone Gold.
Photo # 7 I added more red and think about doing the entire canvas over in RED.
Photo # 6 I strengthened all my color choices and blend the red and yellow, softening some edges and leaving other edges sharp.
Photo# 5 . So now I have green, yellow and red, so I need some blue and I've used a wet washy Cobalt Teal. This is crazy how I always end up adding blue next to red. I love how they compete and vibrate beside each other.
I decided to go with the Green Gold and more yellow and red.
I absolutely love the Naphthol Red Light and so I've started with that. Next I'm scrubbing in some Indian Yellowy Hue and I now have to let that dry while I look at it and think. I am wanting some green. I think about mixing some green from Ultramarine Blue and Dairylide Yellow or should I use the Green Gold Yellow.
I've posted a few close ups of Lorene's painting and they appear as most recent on my blog. To see the photo of the painting, scroll down past the 2 photos of reeds and you will see it. Does it look finished to you? My daughter Amanda said that it was finished, what do you think?
It seems like a far away view of some trees off in the distance with subtle looseness instead of complete detail. To let the viewer imagine the rest.
A photo of some of the small detail, Lorene's.
A close up of Lorene's painting.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love the sight of reflections moving in the water as we paddle along the shore. They are very abstract in nature to me.
I thought I would show case some of my photography since it is also an art form and it is how my eye looks at the world and how I see patterns which often find themselves in my paintings,