Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The latest...

This is the finished painting for diary of a painting and it is now in a studio for sale in Red Deer Alberta.

If you look at this painting and see that if the structure that the orb sits upon tilts, the orb will roll off but actually if you look at the center of the orb, it is sitting more to the left and is actually moving that way and wearing down the corners of the blue base. There are lines suggesting this painted further toward the bottom of the painting. My orbs represent balance, the balance of life, the ying and yang of life.

This orb is also balanced and the whole painting is very textured. I used many washes the produce the background, alternating one blue wash, one brown wash and so forth until I built up the color on the background exactly how I wanted it. I let each wash dry before the next was applied and in some areas the wash was applied with more pigment. It is a very organic piece and there is a hidden symbol in the painting that most people do not see until it is pointed out. So far there has only been one person that actually saw the symbol on their own with out even knowing it was there. It is at the top area of the painting. The image can be double clicked to view it larger.