Friday, January 23, 2015

Gregory Beach on Haida Gwaii

Title - Gregory Beach   Medium - acrylic on illustration board   Size - 8"x10"   

I was inspired by the raw beauty of Gaida Gwaii and Gregory Beach is one of my favorite places to go to feel in tune with nature and our living world.  Haida Gwaii is a place where I feel connected to the earth.  I am fascinated by this place on the edge of the world.  It is a place of culture and is rich in artistic expression which displays a fulfilling balance between the people and the natural and supernatural worlds.  

I also submitted this image in my application for the "Artist in Gwaii Haanas Residency Program - June 2015".  

Title - "Osmosis"     Medium - acrylic on canvas   Size - 20"x30"  February 2013 is when I finally completed it.  

I was inspired by our living world and how the process of osmosis is vital for the balance of life.  This is the process of one concentration moving through a membrane to balance out the concentration on the other side of the membrane.  It takes place at the cellular level of life.

I submitted an image of this painting in my application for the "Artists in Gwaii Haanas Residency Program - June 2015".  

 I call this painting, "A Vision".  Medium - acrylic and ink on illustration board    Size - 10"x12"     
Date - 2014     

This is a painting that evolved over a few weeks.  It is one of seven paintings that I chose to submit for my application to the Artists in Gwaii Haanas Residency Program - June 2015.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The bottom photo is the forest in Naikoon Park, Haida Gwaii.  It comes out onto a giant bog, the two above photos.



Sangan River reflections.  Nature's moving changing art.


More reflections from the Sangan River on Haida Gwaii.  The bottom three photos are taken from the same spot on the river but the image changes with the movement of the water and the leaves.  It is a very peaceful meditative thing to gaze upon.